Youth died during DJ night in Ranoli village


A marriage celebration turned into mourning after a youth died during the DJ party organised a day before the ceremony. The youth suddenly complained about uneasiness while dancing on the shoulders of another youth and died on the spot. The whole incident was captured in a video shot by someone part of the celebration.

As per the details there is a marriage ceremony of a girl from Mahadev Mandir Faliya in front of Jayant Agro company inside Ranoli village in Vadodara on Thursday. For the last two days every rituals was completed at the bride house before the arrival of bridegroom. As part of the celebration a DJ night was organised on Wednesday night inside the village and everyone is dancing on the tunes of Gujarati folk songs and others.

The video shows three youths are enjoying the music sitting on the shoulders of other youths of the village along with Vijay alias Ranjit Pagi.

All of them are enjoying when suddenly Vijay complained of uneasiness and asked the youth to get him down. Vijay collapsed on the ground and his friends took him to one side where he died before he was taken to the hospital.

The incident shocked everyone as the celebration turned into mourning and everyone started gathering at the spot as the news spread in the area.

The death of the youth refreshed the last year similar incident where a groom named Sagar Solanki died during dancing on the shoulders of his friend in his marriage procession. After one year the death of Vijay Pagi shocked everyone in the Ranoli village as in both the incidents victims died while enjoying the marriage celebration.




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