A youth doing colour work commit suicide after jump from the Bhimnath bridge in Vadodara. Residing in nearby Parshuram Bhatha the youth Nannubhai Nishad jumped from the bridge on Wednesday night. Primary investigation revealed that the youth might took the extreme step due to family problems.

Nannubhai Nishad 42 jumped from the bridge between 9 to 10 on the road going  towards Kadak Bazaar. Locals rushed to the spot after the incident along with his younger brother Bannubhai and rushed him to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Bannubhai said that they both lives together and run their family doing colour work. He went to Ahmedabad for work and on his return called his brother. He told him to bring tiffin from the station and when he reached he called him again as he was not present there. His brother then said he would be there soon and disconnect the call.

Meanwhile he recieved the news of his suicide and rushed to the spot and from there took him to the hospital but be died. The police believed that he took the extreme step due to family problems. They registered the case and further investigating the reason of the suicide.