2019 …….. The blast of General Elections of 17 th LOKSABHA .

11 April to 19 May, 900 million voters

Well that’s a thrilling upcoming …..

But is the same excitement seen in the scenerio of each one of us ?


Because the importance of voting is lost amongst the hustle and bustle of life .

Friends we people are driven by religious beliefs, temptations and selfishness thereby misusing our rights to vote .

But you need to wake up!

You have the power, you have the right to select and elect a candidate that gives you a

  • Strong and reliable government
  • Protects you from foe
  • Provides you appropriate education
  • A team that govern proper law and order
  • Adequate amenities
  • Support to the farmers
  • Employment … etc.

Dear friends, we should choose a leader that drives the country forward while still upholding the Indian tradition.

But politics is wound up in frivolous matters rather than paying more attention to upliftment of the above.

So it’s time for us to arise and awake.

My country’s youth has always offered appreciable efforts in building up the nation…..

Then why not playing the same role in elections too.

I request to Today’s innocent, modern , enthusiastic and adventure loving youth to utilise their right to vote and encourage others to do the same.

My youth has wonderful choice and sense to choose their outfits, food, friends and lifestyle ….. Then definitely you can choose a perfect candidate in election.

I blindly trust and believe that .

So please please please

Vote for right MP in your area check his

  • Education
  • Criminal cases
  • Behaviour
  • Past work for society
  • Intelligence & vision .

 If you want a change, change the way you vote.

 Dhruta Raval



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