False news is being viral on social media due to theft of data from Facebook across the globe. It is being said, “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken the ‘BFF’ option to keep the account safe. ‘

It is being said that if you write ‘BFF’ in the post and it becomes green, then understand that your account is safe and if it does not happen then you are in danger. ‘

Let us tell you that this message is completely wrong. Many people are writing ‘BFF’ on posts by telling it completely right.

It is true that if you write BFF on a post, it will be green, but that does not mean that your account is secured. Indeed, the fact behind this is that on Facebook post, it has brought the feature of coloring saffron on greeting. This is also the same type of feature. Actually, BFF means ‘Best Friend Forever’ and it does not make sense if its account is safe or not.