Daughters are always close to their fathers and here is a story of a girl who steps out to fulfill her father’s dream to become a pilot.

Parija Shah get the student pilot licence on her very first flight in Vadodara and became the youngest one to get a pilot licence in Gujarat. She dream to pursue a career in Airforce and become a pilot. She also plays tennis and continue it as a hobby in future.


It was a perfect birthday gift for Parija as she get the student pilot licence on her birthday on 17th October. After a year of ground classes at Gujarat Flying Club at Vadodara airport, Parija took control of the light aircraft on Monday and flew for 20 minutes over the Vadodara sky. She was jubilant after get the pilot licence.


“For the last one year I am taking ground classes about navigation and other technical details for flying. On Monday I get inside the cockpit of Specific Cessna 152 light aircraft and flew for twenty minutes from Vadodara to Pavagadh. It was a great experience and I flew with a co pilot and it was a great experience to see the whole city beneath me. After my first flight I get the Student Pilot licence and it was a great moment for me as it feels like I fulfill my father’s dream of becoming a pilot. As yesterday was my birthday and it’s the perfect gift for me,” said Parija.unnamed-14

After completing the first step she is now eyeing for the bigger planes in future. “After getting the my student licence I will now try to get private pilot licence and for that I have to train hard and at least have 50 to 60 hours of flying. For the private pilot licence I have to fly Specific Cessna 172 plane. Further more I want to pursue my career in Airforce and want to become a pilot,” said Parija.


So how it feels after you fulfill your father’s dream and Parija said it cannot be expressed in words. “My father always wants to be a pilot but he because of specs he cannot be a pilot. I also have the fascination of fly aircrafts and after getting my pilot licence I was more then happy as I fulfill my father’s dream,” said Parija. Her father in working in a energy drink making company in Mumbai.


A 11th standard student of Navrachana school in Vadodara Parija also play tennis and complete in ITF tournaments. She further said that her primary aim to join the Indian Airforce as a pilot and also play tennis as a hobby.