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Young Sarpanch fights to prevent Corona from entering Dabhasa village

Young Sarpanch fights to prevent Corona from entering Dabhasa village

Delivering Corona protection kit to every house in the village

The whole world is going through a serious crisis of the Corona epidemic and the cases are also increasing day by day in Gujarat. In the second wave the transmission is also increasing in villages along with cities. The only way of safety is to take precautions and spread awareness in others to follow it strictly.

Taking the same idea Manojbhai Patel, a young Sarpanch of Dabhasa village in Padra taluka of Vadodara district, has taken a new initiative to protect the villagers from Corona virus infection.

The sarpanch has formed a corona warrior team of youth of every caste-society in the village to prevent the transmission of corona in Dabhasa village with a population of about 14000 thousand people. Every member of the gram panchayat has also been included in this team. The sarpanch met with the Corona Warrior team and decided to provide Corona protection kits to about 2500 houses in the village to prevent the infection.

Sarpanch Manojbhai Patel said that there are about 2500 houses in their village and for which about 2800 corona protection kits have been prepared. The kit has five masks, two Dettol soaps and two bottles of sanitizer and has been distributed by the Corona Warrior team for the past eight days. Stating that the distribution will continue for two more days and guide each family about how to use the materials provided in the kit.

Manoj himself is going door to door with the team to distribute the kits and is creating widespread awareness among the people about Corona. Wearing a mask will not only save the villagers from the infection but also from a fine of one thousand rupees. In addition to washing hands with soap, the villagers are asked to keep a bottle of sanitiser whenever going out. They joined everyone in the team to teach people about making good use of the kit.

Sarpanch himself has given 50 per cent financial assistance for making this kit, while 50 per cent help has been received from others. He said that during the nationwide lockdown last year, 900 kits of foodgrains and 3000 kits of vegetables were distributed to the poor and needy people of the village.

Disinfectant powder as well as fogging is also done periodically in Dabhasa village. The village is also cleaned regularly. He says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for making Zero Waste Village and Khanderavpura village with a population of only one thousand included in their gram panchayat has become Zero Waste village.

The sewage water of the village is purified with the help of Soft Foundation and this water is given to the farmers for cultivation at a nominal rate. It is managed by the village water committee and the earning are used for the repair of the purification plant.

He said that Khanderavpura village is probably the first village in the entire country to achieve Zero Waste status. A team of senior officials from the center and state government have also visited the village several times.

Sarpanch Manoj Patel of Dabhasa has done exemplary work to fight against the crisis of corona which is a welcome step for the others to follow.

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