Promised to never lose faith in their prayers.

SahityaMitra Puja Soni shared the story ‘Power of Prayer’ with young girls of Lions Blind Girls School in Vadodara.

The session was initiated by a children’s song, When you’re happy and you know it,

When you’re happy and you know it,

When you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it;

When you’re happy and you know it.

The story started with the introduction of Dr. Mark. Dr. Mark is a highly influential and reputed doctor in America who gets lost in a remote jungle on his way to a conference held in his honour. After roaming around for hours, he finally finds shelter in a small hut. The family living there provide him with food and accommodation. The family, before having their meal prayed together. The doctor was moved by this gesture. He asked the family what they had prayed for. The man of the family said that his son is suffering from a rare disease. And, the local doctor has said that only a certain Dr. Mark can save his life. But, they were poor people and were barely able to make ends meet; how was it possible for them to take their son to a faraway city, and bear the expenses of travelling and treatment? They were so helpless in their predicament that, on one hand, they were unable to see their child suffering without proper treatment and on the other hand, weren’t able to afford a visit to Dr. Mark. So, they have been together praying for a miracle that can save their child’s life.

Dr. Mark stopped eating and got-up to see the child lying on a bed in the other room. He checked his pulse and heartbeat, and then tears started rolling down his eyes. He hugged the father of the child and said, “God has heard your prayers… I’m Dr. Mark that you have been praying for and your prayers have pulled me here to this remote location so that I can treat your son.”

Prayers can be very powerful and are heard by the almighty, is something that they understood today. He took complete responsibility of treating their son and promised that he would give his whole and soul to do everything possible to save their child. Praying to the almighty from the deepest core of our heart manifests miracles. He thanked them for teaching him that valuable lesson.

At the end of the session participants discussed about beliefs in their God. They also promised that they will never lose faith on their prayer.



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