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Yokogawa Releases SensPlus Note

Yokogawa Releases SensPlus Note

OpreX Operation and Maintenance Improvement Solution for Digitization of Field Data Using Mobile Devices.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) and MetaMoJi Corporation jointly developed SensPlus Note, a low cost and easy to implement solution for the digitization of plant data on mobile devices. SensPlus Note, a solution in Yokogawa’s OpreXTM Operation and Maintenance Improvement family, improves the efficiency and quality of maintenance work and the precision of post-maintenance analyses by enabling data from plant field work to be used more efficiently. This solution will be released in all markets worldwide on January 31.

A wide variety of equipment and devices from different manufacturers are used in plants and each has a specific set of maintenance procedures and check items. This work is performed as per the manuals, check lists, and other documentation. While it would improve efficiency and help to ensure that this work is done correctly if field maintenance data could be shared and analyzed in real time and this is not possible in plants where such data is written down on paper documents.

To address this need, Yokogawa and MetaMoJi have jointly developed the SensPlus Note solution for the digitization of field maintenance data on mobile devices. This solution draws on Yokogawa’splant operations know-how and MetaMoJi’sproven expertise in developing business applications for mobile devices.

The SensPlus Note solution consists of a data input application and a cloud platform. Data input using this application is digitized and uploaded to a cloud server, where it can be analyzed using other software. The mobile application is based on MetaMoJi’s GEMBA Note, which is an advanced digital notebook that was developed to support maintenance at construction and manufacturing sites.

1. Digitization and real-time sharing of information, with intuitive operation

With the SensPlus Note solution, text input using a pen or keyboard, videos, still images, and audio recordings can all be easily entered on the same form and linked to a device management ledger. This saves time and provides all the information in one place that is needed to know precisely what is happening in the field. Once such information is input into GEMBA Note, it can be shared with other personnel, drastically speeding up loop checks* and other tasks that require multiple operators to coordinate their efforts.

2. Ability to install additional server applications for statistical analysis and other operations

With SensPlus Note, data is uploaded to a cloud server, where it can be viewed and managed using a web portal. With its ability to store data collected over long periods of time, this platform is ideal for both preventive and predictive maintenance. Applications for the statistical analysis offield and plant operational data and other operations can be added to the platform as needed to assist in identifying failure causes and improving work procedures.

Yokogawa will continue in its efforts to expand the lineup of applications that can be used with the SensPlus Note solution. Major Target Markets are the Manufacturers and talked about the Applications, Communication between central control rooms and plant personnel, and between personnel at different plants. Communication between field personnel and third parties, such as the help deskof a plant equipment manufacturer. The analysis of stored data to improve maintenance and manufacturing operations. Such tests check the communications link between devices by generating a test signal and verifying that is received.

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