X-ray chest very important tool in the diagnosis of Corona


So far more than 8000 chest x-rays have been taken for diagnosis in Corona ward and OPD of Sayaji hospital

Accurate diagnosis is important in Corona disease. Before the rapid tests, it was diagnosed by X-ray chest with blood and urine report and sonography. And even if the rapid test is negative, the X-ray chest is very important for accurate diagnosis if the patient shows symptoms.

As far as Sayaji Hospital is concerned, 70 to 80 X-rays are being done daily in the Corona ward and OPD for the diagnosis of Corona, said Dr. O.B. Belim, Administrative Nodal Officer. He adds that an estimated 8,000 X-rays were taken during the Corona pandemic.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel are taking care and providing guidance to ensure that the state-of-the-art treatment facility of Corona is available in all government institutions.

Talking about the SSG hospital there here were four simple X-ray machines and it took time to get the report. To resolve this inconvenience, the officer on special duty and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao facilitated digital machines in Sayaji and Gotri hospitals in collaboration with Vadodara Municipal Corporation. With this the work has become easier and faster.

This digital machine can be connected to doctors’ computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles, resulting in instantaneous X-ray observation of the patient. In addition, this digital machine is now available in all X-ray digital types due to the convenience of connecting it to plain machines.

Daily X-rays are taken to keep a close eye on the improvement or deterioration of the condition of Corona patients who are in ICU and condition is serious. Since the machine is portable, X-rays can be taken by taking the machine to the bed of critically ill patients.

Another advantage of a digital X-ray is that it can be easily saved on a mobile or computer for future surveillance.
Corona attacks mainly on the lungs and X-rays are used to provide continuous updates on the progression of the disease, which indicates the need for accurate treatment and change in treatment.

The staff of the Radiology Department of Sayaji Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Chetan Mehta has been instrumental in the recovery and survival of the patients through key and significant services since the beginning of the pandemic as Corona Warriors.

The state government is consistently facing the challenge of Corona with the efforts of health workers. X-ray chests, which are a key part of the facility are proving to be very useful in making the Corona treatment of Sayaji Hospital more accurate and result-oriented.


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