Hindi Vikas Manch celebrate Chhath Puja at the banks of Mahisagar river near Vasad. Like every year thousands of families from Bihar and some regions of Nepal residing in Vadodara and nearby areas gathered here and worship Sun God.

Dressed in traditional sarees the married women and their families perform Puja to thank Sun God for giving them life on earth and seek the blessings. Immersed half inside the water they worship the Sun god having Puja thalis in their hands.

Chhath Puja is an important Hindu festival mainly celebrated in Bihar and some regions of Nepal. This is the 19th year of celebration by the Hindi Vikas Manch and organised by Jitendra Raiji, like every year people from Vadodara, Manjusar, Dakor, Anand, Por, Karjan and other places visit Mahisagar river bank and perform Chhath Puja.

People celebrate the festival by following rigorous routine lasts four days. The rituals are fasting, holy bathing, offering prayers to the rising and setting Sun. In the Hindu religion Sun is believed to heal severe health conditions and ensure well being, progress and prosperity.

The festival is celebrated in Bihar and other states also including regions of Nepal. Chhath Puja is celebrated on the sixth day of Karthika.

The four-day festival starts four days after Diwali.


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