A team of 25 people used 200 kg of potatoes and bread each to make the world’s longest Vada Pao in just three hours — 145 feet long.

So said a spokesperson for Nukkadwala, a chain of restaurants which brings street food from across India, on Tuesday, the World Vada Pao Day.

The spokesperson said their feat had been taken into consideration by officials of the Limca Book of Records for its 2018 issue.

Vada Pao, often called the Indian burger, is hugely popular in Maharashtra. The longest ‘Indian burger’ was displayed at Vatika Business Park at Sector 49 here on Sohna Road.

The preparations had been going on for three days. The final Vada Pao was made within a record time of three hours. Over 2,500 people attended the event and eventually feasted on the Vada Pao.

Gaurav Bhalla, Managing Director, Nukkadwala, said: “I think we take our street food like Vada Pav for granted. We wanted people to know about the World Vada Pav Day, so we decided to celebrate it in our very own unique Nukkadwala style.

“This is the reason we have created the world’s longest Vada Pav to celebrate the occasion.” Nukkadwala said Tuesday’s team was led by Chef Ajay Sood.

Nukkadwala offers unique foods like Dabeli from Gujarat, Vada Pav from Mumbai and Benne Dosa from Karnataka.