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A 10-day Navratri program was organised for the first time across European soil

Perhaps for the first time in the world outside India

A 10-day Navratri program was organised  for the first time across European soil

In Denmark, a developed country of Europe, a wonderful history was created this time. Gujarati Vipul Ukabhai Nandania living in Denmark organized the whole program of "Govinda Navratri-2022" for nine days of Navratri and one more day of Garba. In which he himself played the role of the main sponsor and organizer.

He is an enterprising businessman, software professional, social activist, owner of Govinda Restaurant, yoga teacher, event organizer.

Efforts are always made to create a home like environment for those away from home. The community event of the first historic visit of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi to Denmark was also organized by Vipul Nandania, who was also a key member of the event organizing committee.

It is said that wherever Gujarati lives, Gujarat will live there. In their case, not only the Gujarati culture and not only India, but all the people of the country and abroad, organize a program that is good for all.

It moves forward with the mantra of support of all and happiness and development of all together.

With the grace of Krishna Bhagwan and Mataji, in 2021 Vipul Nandania organized Navratri for the first time in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen and it turned out to be the biggest Navratri in the history of Denmark.

Not only big, but done with a generous heart, giving the heritage of culture to the people, there were many free Garba workshops and in which people from different parts of the country got together and celebrated the holy festival of Navratri in unison.

This year, Navratri 2022 brought more color than that, some aspects of which are worth knowing.

1. People from many states of India participate. People not only from India but also from abroad come here to have darshan and take blessings. People from 21 states and 9 other countries have come.

2. Even though there are very busy days during Navratri which is going on everyday, people come every day for darshan and raas garba of Mataji.

3. In Navratri of 2022, around 1200 people have seen and blessed Mother.

4. This year Govinda Navratri proved to be the biggest and most inclusive Navratri not only in Denmark but also in Europe.

5. Most of the decorations were made by creative people themselves. DIY very nice flowers, couple playing dandiya, pendants, selfie booth a lot. All things are created.

6. Two live singing artistes who are Indian and non-Gujarati yet accented on Gujarati songs was commendable.

7. This is a program where the everyone meets and enjoys a tale garba

8. The dancing group also did their own choreography and danced to the song of Dakla.

9. Everyone's meal is made at Govinda Restaurant, which is very sattvik and only after offering bhog to Lord Krishna, the Prasad is given to all.

Devotional songs were played in the background while preparing food.

10. Vishwa Gujarati Samaj which is a 33 year old organization headed by Hon'ble Mr. Narendra Modi and currently the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Culture Award 2022 has been presented to Vijay Brahmabhat who is a Denmark Youth Conveyor and another Gujarati community activist Govinda-Navratri from this organization.

Vipul Nandania and Govinda Restaurant express their gratitude to all the people who have supported this event and taken it to a new level of success, especially his family Matashree Kantaben, father Ukabhai, sister Bhavna Ben, brother Elesh, brother-in-law Rajeshbhai, nephew Jeehan who has always inspired me and Rachna ji, Raveena ji, Mamata ji, Swati ji, Bharatji, Mona ji, Rupesh ji, Vishal ji, Rupali ji, Bhagyashree ji, Ankitji, Jaideep ji, Sikhaji, Payal ji, Mariaji. , Charanjit Ji, Yogeshunji, Denmark Telugu Association, Denmark Kannada Association, Golden Goods, Gujaratis in Denmark Group, HSS Group and many others and many esteemed guests express our heartfelt gratitude and hope that this An initiative should inspire everyone and this other festival of Navratri in the country and abroad should spread a wave of joy in everyone.

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