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Israeli Airstrike on Gaza house kills 7

15 May 2021 5:29 AM GMT
West Bank erupts in protestTurmoil from the battle between Israel and Hamas spilled over into the West Bank, sparking the most widespread Palestinian...

Bitcoin plunges 17% after Elon Musk tweets on Tesla not accepting cryptocurrency

13 May 2021 10:15 AM GMT
The price of the world's largest cryptocurrency dropped from around $54,819 to $45,700, its lowest since March 1, in just under two hours following...

Chinese rocket debris falls into Indian Ocean

9 May 2021 12:15 PM GMT
The remains of a Chinese rocket crashed into the Indian Ocean on Sunday with much of the debris burning up during the re-entry into the earth’s...

Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce after 27 years of marriage

4 May 2021 4:08 AM GMT
The Microsoft co-founder and his wife said they would continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest...

Covid-19: Dubai's Burj Khalifa supports India with national flag display

26 April 2021 4:44 AM GMT
Amid a massive surge in COVID-19 cases in India, landmark buildings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) illuminated with the Tricolour to show...

New, highly potent and transmissible Coronavirus strain discovered in Sri Lanka

25 April 2021 6:18 AM GMT
Researchers in Sri Lanka have discovered a new, highly potent strain of coronavirus. According to scientist, the new strain is airborne, highly...

COVID-19 surge: Canada bans passenger flights from India, Pak for 30 days

23 April 2021 8:35 AM GMT
The Canadian government has banned all passenger flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days due to the unprecedented spike in COVID-19 cases in the...

Happy Birthday Gigi Hadid: completely self made, dad Mohamed says

23 April 2021 6:31 AM GMT
Gigi Hadid's father Mohamed Hadid shared a heartwarming post about her supermodel daughter, saying she is 'self-made' and 'never took a dollar from...

English Language Day: History, spread and significance

23 April 2021 4:31 AM GMT
English Language Day was first celebrated in 2010, alongside Arabic Language Day, Chinese Language Day, French Language Day, Russian Language Day and...

Earth Day 2021: This Earth Day, Pledge to save the Planet by doing little things

22 April 2021 5:27 AM GMT
Earth is a beautiful and the only planet where the human race can survive. But it is threatened by rapid industrialization, pollution and the...

COVID-19 death toll crosses 3 million mark: Global

19 April 2021 3:25 AM GMT
The havoc wreaked by the Coronavirus a year ago continues to torment the countries across the world as the global death toll has crossed the three...

8 people shot and killed at Fedex facility in Indianapolis, gunman dead

16 April 2021 8:20 AM GMT
Eight people were shot at and killed and several others injured in an incident Thursday in the US city of Indianapolis, according to police.Police...
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