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World TB Day: Apart from cough, there are also 5 symptoms of Tuberculosis

World TB Day: Apart from cough, there are also 5 symptoms of Tuberculosis

You may have heard in many advertisements that more than two weeks cough may be TB. Let me tell you that ,not just cough, there may be a symptom of blood or excessive mucous cough. But besides cough, there are many other symptoms that you can know whether there is TB or not. Here at World TB Day, what are the symptoms other than Tuberculosis cough:-

1. Fever

Fever comes for many reasons. The soaring temperature of the body causes fever many times, but if you feel it again and again, you must show the doctor before it worsens. Especially after the evening you feel the fever, then you should definitely check the TB.

2. Not feeling hungry

Many times hunger disappears because of fatigue, stress and more work. Because of which gradually people start getting away from eating, which is not good for your health. But if any of these three reasons are not with you and still do not feel hungry, then definitely show the doctor.

3. Loss of weight

Despite having the right diet and lifestyle, if your weight suddenly falls short, it can be a major symptom of TB.

4. Sweat in the night

This also includes a symptom of TB.Many people start suddenly sweating in the night. If you have a fever at night and sweat together, then this can be TB. In such situation, you must be shown to the doctor.

5. Tiredness

Pain in the muscles, nerves and bones comes in the form of fatigue and laziness. If you have a good diet, full sleep and stress, even if you feel tired all day, then definitely show the doctor.

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