World record attempt missed by a whisker


It’s a big day for 24 years Sarang Bhave who attempted a first time world record in his home city Vadodara. The record is for ‘Most items kicked off people’s heads in one minute’ which is held by Silvana Shamuon from Canada who knocked 59 items. Bhave missed the record by a whisker as he injured himself and managed to knock down only 55 items in one minute.

Sarang a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering has the hobby of kick boxing and to achieve a milestone he attempted the record on Thursday morning but failed by a whisker. He managed to knock down 55 bottles in a minute due to injury at the attempt.

Sarang is doing kick boxing for years and won many awards at state level along with a bronze in Nationals. He practiced for months for a one minute attempt but on his big day failed to break the record as he injured his leg.

“I am following the world records page on facebook and during such search I found the record of Silvana Shamuon who kicked 59 items off people’s head. I find the record of my liking and started practicing to break it. However after months of practicing I attempted the record and started off well but my bad luck that I injured my foot and missed the feat. Moreover the bottles fell down from the people’s head and also the different height factor makes tough to kick the bottles,” said Sarang.

However Sarang didn’t lost hope after the failure and said that he will come again with more strength and practice and broke the record.



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