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Books are a uniquely portable magic......

Books are a uniquely portable magic......

What were books to us when we were children?
A bundle of pictures together, fascinating us with a story or a rhyme.
 What were books to us in our school days?
A bunch of boring subjects that we have to study in order to pass the examinations.
In our teens?
The fiction stories made us dream more and the non-fiction ones connected us to the reality.
When we were adults?
It liberated our views and helped us widen our horizons, be it in beliefs and opinions, or in personalities.
When you'll grow old?
They'll be your boredom companions, even providing you various situations to relate with.

That is the thing about books you see! They are like your other-halves. The backbones behind your imaginations, thinking, personality, behaviour, ethics and intelligence. We tend to relate to the characters and authors in the books which helps us shape ourselves. It expands your knowledge regarding different topics and provide us with impeccable ideas.
World Book Day, or World Book and copyright day, or International Day of the Book is celebrated on 23 April every year. It was initiated by UNESCO for promoting reading, publishing and copyright.

I would like to conclude with stating my opinion that every new book you read, brings new strength and new thoughts to you. Keep reading! Keep learning!


Dhruta Raval

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