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Workshop on social media management & measurement held at Semcom Vidhyanagar by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

Workshop on social media management & measurement held at Semcom Vidhyanagar by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

Social Media is a growing phenomenon among businesses. They need to be present on all such platforms to connect and converse with their customers. Hence, various organizations are always on a hiring spree for talented and skilled social media managers to manage their brands, products and services.

In such market conditions, management institutions have started offering courses and workshops on social media to meet the demand of industries.

On 30th August, Semcom Management Institute, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat organized a workshop on the subject and hosted Dr. Khushbu Pandya to deliver a hands on practical workshop on social media management and measurement. Dr. Khushbu is the first person in the state to achieve her Doctoral degree in social media and is the subject expert. She also owns a social media creative consulting firm called Konvophilia Communications & writes her thoughts at

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"Social Media has to be managed in a planned way as it has the supreme power to backfire if the strategy is not planned & executed as planned. Also, it is the most easy medium to provide customer insights and metrics for ROI, but often not understood well by businesses and brands" as quoted by Dr. Khushbu in her workshop. She introduced students to the most used social media management platform - Hootsuite and gave them a hands-on practical exposure with certain class activities.

Students attending the workshop also tweeted their reactions on Twitter and Facebook. This shows the best use and application of social media during live workshops and events.

Dr. Khushbu Pandya delivers talks and workshops at various management inspires and educates students on effective & efficient use of platforms and also about ethical use of it.

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