Workers cleaning water treatment plant at Nimeta left around midnight


Corporation depute another agency to complete the work in time

Workers involved in cleaning the water treatment plant at Nimeta left the place around midnight after their duty hours ends.  As the workers left in middle of the work the time of cleaning the plant extends and hoping to be end around Wednesday evening.

VMSS started cleaning the no. 1 and 2 treatment plant at Nimeta from Tuesday and the contract was given to one Aqua Tank Cleaning agency. The agency depute 17 workers in a single shift instead of two shifts.

The workers left the place after the eight hours work around midnight which put the authorities in delima as the work is scheduled to be complete on Wednesday morning. With no options left they depute another agency Puja Construction and start the work again in the morning.

On the other side the earlier agency also reached for spot with other workers and start the left over work again at the plant.  It is to be mentioned that due to the contractors the residents have to face the trouble and now it is to be seen when the authorities will take action against such people.


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