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Women's Day : 10 Rights every woman must know

Womens Day : 10 Rights every woman must know

Women are making progress and they want to move forward in their life. But many times they are left behind because the lack of knowledge of rights. We are here to tell you about some of the rights which the Indian Constitution has given to women so that they can be protected from their economic, mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Here are those rights that every woman must be aware of !!

1. Right to equal pay: According to the Equitable Remuneration Act, if the matter is of remuneration, then no gender can be discriminated against on the basis of gender.

2. Rights against harassment in the office: According to the Sexual Harassment Act at Work, you have full power to file a complaint against sexual harassment.

3. The right to untitled the name: The victims of sexual harassment have the right to give anonymity. In order to protect her privacy, the victim, who is victim of sexual harassment, can alone enter her statement in the presence of a woman police officer or in front of the District Magistrate.

4. Right Against Domestic Violence: This act is designed to protect a wife, woman living in a partner, or any other woman living in the house such as a mother or sister against domestic violence by husbands,Man live in partner or relatives. You or anyone from your-side can file a complaint on your behalf.

5. Rights for maternity benefits: Maternity benefits are not just facilities for working women, but they are their right. Under the Maternity Benefit Act, after the delivery of a new mother, no deduction is made in the salary of the woman for 6 months and she can start work again.

6. Rights against female feticide: It is the duty of every citizen of India to allow a woman to experience her basic rights - "the right to live". Pre-conception and childbirth techniques (Prevention of gender selection) Act (PCPNDT) gives rights against female feticide.

7. Right to Free Legal Help: Any woman who has been raped has the right to get free legal help. For Station House Officer (SHO) it is necessary to inform the Legal Services Authority about arranging the attorney.

8. Right of not being arrested in the night: A woman can not be arrested after sunset and before sunrise, it is possible only on the order of a first-class magistrate in a particular case.

9. Right to dignity and decency: In any case, if the accused is a woman, then any medical examination process should be performed by woman or only in the presence of any other woman.

10. Rights on Property: Under the Hindu Succession Act, on the basis of new rules, both the woman and the man have equal rights on the ancestral property.

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