Life of a woman is divided into various responsibilities which often take its toll on her. From morning to late in the night she engages in performing the duties and don’t get a chance to think about herself. As a human being she also has the same liberty like the males to enjoy life or at least have a space of her own.  

Women Only Outing (WOO) is such a platform for the lady to get some time from the daily chores and look towards the life of her own. Started by Khushboo Majithia it’s the exclusive only first of its kind women organisation in Gujarat provide them the much needed space.

Talking about the concept she said the idea came to her mind base on personal experience. “We started WOO on the basis of personal experience and reality of a woman a lady. A Lady is busy in her daily duties when goes on a vacation, in her office and at home. She plays multiple roles of a Mother, a Sister, a Wife, a Daughter but doesn’t get chance to play her own role of A Lady. After my marriage, I realised that I am not being me, just me, a lady. And thus, I started WOO- Women Only Outing,” said Khushboo.

The platform is exclusively for women to give them affection, favour, love and the space of her own which somehow she forgets in her busy daily routine. “WOO literally means, to seek the affection, favour, or love of a woman. WOO stand for all the Mothers, Sisters, Wives and Daughters and give them some time of Fun & Freedom, Entertainment, Leisure, Luxury and Development. Since 2015 we have been organising trips and activities frequently and conduct day activities where we all can meet, learn, share experiences and enjoy for some time,” shared Khushboo.

The group is connected through social media and shared the happenings there. In a short time they are coming up with special benefits. “We are connected with more than 3000 committed members through Facebook and shared upcoming details like activities, trips. Our main networking works from Word of Mouth and they invite more women in the group add to the experienced exponential growth of WOO. After the positive response soon we are coming up with a membership plan where the WOO members will get special benefits,” said Khushboo.

Khushboo a mother and professional believe every woman should have a ‘ME’ time for her own self. The group has every age group women from a 14year girl to a 60yr old lady. She said instead of profiles the only thing that matters is the Woman inside her and they all are searching for their ‘ME’ time, away from your routine, their duties. 

“WOO does not only cater women of various age groups but also provides platform for various interests of the Women which makes our rage wider. Our tips and activities are designed for interests like adventure , leisure, luxury, cultural, historic etc. Based on that we have organised a special trip for mommies with kids to Goa in sometime,” added Khushboo.