A woman gives a complaint in Bhadarwa police station against two for rape. She mentioned, while her husband is in jail, his friend has repeatedly raped her by shooting a video of taking a bath and blackmailing her.

Police registered a case under sections including rape in the case and search is on to arrest both the accused.

As per available details the complainant was married five years ago and have two children. Her husband was arrested by the police during the month of August last year on the charge of Prohibition.

During this time, along with her husband’s friend Jahidb Raisangbhai Vaghela she went to Bhadarwa police station to give tiffin to her husband. He was later send to PASA. Two days later, Jahid Vaghela came to her house and shoot a video of her while taking a shower in the bathroom. That night he along with his friend Dilip alias Pappu Takhat Singh Vaghela showed the and demanded sexual favour.

They threaten to kill the children and let her husband be in prison forever. He then rape her against her will and continue to come every two-three days. Dilip Vaghela would monitor that no one would come to the house and Jahid used to rape her.

Meanwhile, after her husband was released from jail, she lodged a complaint at the Bhadarwa police station against Javad Vaghela and Dilip Vaghela. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case and launched an investigation.


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