All women should know their rights and must fight for the same – Maushmi Udeshi


Mentioning the UN Women’s Campaign for Generation Equality Realizing women’s rights for an equal future

International Women’s Day is a day that celebrates womanhood and to respect the one who sacrifice all her life for the family. However in today’s modern digital world the situation for them in the society is still alarming. The women need to raise for their equal rights in the society and a strong reply for what is objectionable and not accepted.

Bollywood is one such area where actresses and females raise their voices time to time against the exploitation and that gives us the dark side of the glamorous field which lured many peoples to make their careers. One such actress who raise her voice time to time through her interviews is Maushmi Udeshi, believing in her talent to make place in the heart of fans rather than to choose the wrong ways to gain success.

She is bold, beautiful and talented and wants to make her niche in the industry with her string characters she plays specially in short films. The actress chooses her roles very carefully and managed to capture the audience with equally good performance on screen. She carries her bold attitude with self confidence and tries to break the shackles with her presence at fashion shows, modeling shoots, events, endorsing brands on live video streaming apps and many others. She feel the woman can stand up to say no on the face which is not acceptable to her in any way.

“As per the UN Women’s Campaign for “Generation Equality Realizing women’s rights for an equal future” Very rightly ‘Demands equal pay, equal sharing of unpaid care and domestic work, an end to sexual harassment and violence against women and girls, health care services that respond to their needs, and their equal participation in political life and in decision-making in all areas of life.’ Its high time that all women should know their rights and must fight for the same if they are not getting their due & there should be more awareness on this by huge PR Campaigns so that even women from small towns and villages know and can fight against such exploitation on them whether it’s at their work place or at home. It’s high time women stop getting exploited to get work coz if all women stand by the same principle, these men will have no other choice but to give work on the basis of our talent and hard work especially in the Entertainment Industry that we are in but unfortunately most women give in to the demands of these men and the decision making is not fair and the deserving ones don’t get their due,” said Udeshi.

She also added, It’s high time women understand that it’s not ok to accept sexual favour conditions and should say no to such work rather than getting exploited and then no point coming up with a MeToo Movement after some years to lose all the court cases obviously when you yourself acceped such exploitation on your own which was concensial and got the position that u wanted. It’s also the time to say no to free work or learn to say no to low pay work. Women homemakers and women who work outside too must know that doing household chores should be divided equally between her and her partner and its not OK at all to get exploited at home on the name of old customs and traditions which are made as per the comfort level of men.

Further speaking she said, Women anyways as a natural process go through a lot health wise from Periodic Cycle to Child bearing to PCOD kind of Gynac Problems so it’s high time we take care of ourselves and demand what we deserve. I am so glad that surrogacy is getting popular coz this way a woman even if she is not able to bear her own child she still can have a child of her own biologically. Surrogacy everywhere should be fully legal to everyone i feel coz as a couple it’s a right of every couple to decide mutually whether wife wants to carry their child in her womb or is more comfortable hiring a womb for the same and still have her own child biologically plus its perfect for the growing homosexuls and lesbian couples.

She added, All Daughters married or unmarried should be aware that they have equal right to their Parental Property since 2005 when this law was passed. Also women must know the basics that an FIR can be filed at any police station, irrespective of the location where the incident occurred or a specific jurisdiction it comes under, FIR can later be moved to the Police Station in whose jurisdiction the case falls under. This ruling was passed by the Supreme Court to save the victim’s time and prevent an offender from getting away scot-free.

Presently Maushmi Udeshi is busy with  Modelling Catalogue Shoots, many Events/Get-togethers/Parties which I attend as a Celeb-Guest, Endorsing many brands on Live Video Streaming Apps. Work wise, 2 of her Feature Films about to release as the main female lead, 1 Historical Webseries about to release where she play a strong positive character. Some new Film and Webseries shoots about to begin soon.


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