There was no such thing called Winter Olympics back in 1896 when modern Olympics have just started out. Athletes used to participate only in the summer games which used to take place during that time. However, winter games were always quite popular. In the year 1924 and International Winter Sports Week was organized in Chamonix, France which was considered to be the first Winter Olympic Games that ever took place. Back in those days, it used to be small but, with the evolution of time Winter Olympics started to grow big. The transition of the Winter Olympics game is huge about which we are going to learn in this following article.

The Change of Winter Olympics: Then And Now

With the change of time and advancement of technology, a lot of changes took place on the Winter Olympics Game. Other than addition and change of games in the Winter Olympics, some things changed over the years of time.

  • The number of athletes taking part in the Winter Olympics game increased gradually with the passage of time. Otherwise, during the first Winter Olympics games, there were only about 250 participants from 16 different countries.
  • Back then, even the number of games held was comparatively lesser than what is being held Over the yearsgames, many new games have been added while others have been replaced. Also, some of the events taking place in the game hasbeen modified with the passage of time.
  • The equipment used in the game back then looked completely weird. Like for instance, most of the things were made of wood. Today, the story is different because wood has been replaced with other materials.
  • Since the introduction of the Winter Olympics games, the number of games has only increased especially for the women.
  • With the rise of the television, the Winter Olympics game gained more publicity,and thus, it became all the more popular.
  • This year in 2018, four new events are going to be launched in the Winter Olympics game. Thus, you can see that since the time of its inception, it has only grown and the number of events has been increased.

Thus, it can be concluded that over the years with the advancement of technology, the Winter Olympic Games has only made its journey from good to better. And, it is expected that in the coming years it will only continue to rise.



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