Air Force Wing Commander, Abhinandan has returned to India. Pakistani officials on the Wagah border handed them over to India. Due to the confusion in documents before this, he was late in crossing the Indian border. Wing Commander  Abhinandan  has returned to his native India. After returning to India,  Abhinandan  was the first words of the present that looked good.

Wing Commander Abhinandan was taken to Amritsar from Delhi. Air Force aircraft were transported to Palam airport. According to sources, he was taken to the RR hospital in Delhi. On Saturday, senior medical officers of the Army and intelligence agencies will be examined for their medical examination.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s said, IAF Wing Commander, “Abhinandan is an inspiration for 130 crore Indians.”  He tweeted that Welcome Home Wing Commander, Abhinandan, the nation is proud of your exemplary adventure. Our armed forces are an inspiration for 130 million Indians. Vande Mataram!

It is worth mentioning that paper was processed between the two countries for the release of AbhiNandan. Keeping in view the danger, security has been increased from BSF in the Border area. The top officials of the Air Force reached Wagah border.

Wing Commander  Abhi Nandan  received good wishes on social media after reaching India. From Narendra Modi to top politicians, leaders and cricket and Bollywood celebrities were tweeted and expressed happiness.



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