Handover to the forest department after the rescue

Wildlife rescue trust in Vadodara rescued a 12 foot size crocodile trapped in the fencing put up around the field. They later handover the crocodile to the forest department.

The incident came to light in Kalali village situated on the bank of Vishwamitri river and recently saw the flood fury in Vadodara. Due to waterlogging many crocodiles lives inside the river strayed inside the village. Recently a crocodile was rescued from the road and this one was rescued from behind the temple near the Kalali village.

The villagers saw the crocodile trapped in the fencing put up around the field and immediately informed the Wildlife Rescue team in Vadodara.

The volunteers immediately reached the spot and after lots of efforts finally managed to caught the 12 foot long crocodile. They also rescued another three foot crocodile from near Kalali railway crossing.


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