Held dialogue meetings with villagers to persuade them to keep the water safe for wild animals

In order to provide drinking water to the wildlife in the forest in summer, wildlife department has started filling 20 water Kunds by tanker in Ratan Mahal and Jambughoda. In the interiors 12 such kunds connected to the borewell have been constructed which is filled by a windmill. The team also held dialogue meetings with villagers to persuade them to keep the water safe for wild animals.

World Wildlife Day is celebrated around the world on March 3 with an aim of raising awareness of environmental and wildlife protection in folk communities.

As the World Wildlife Day is celebrating on Wednesday, the Deputy Conservator of Wildlife, Vadodara, B.R. Vaghela said that as the water source in the forest area dries up in the summer, they have constructed 22 kunds in Ratan Mahal, 38 in Jambughoda and Shivrajpur range so that the forest creatures do not have to come to residential area. The idea is for the protection of wildlife and to avoid conflicts between violent animals and human populations. Thus, corresponding to the advancing summer, the tanker has started filling water in a total of 60 such storage wells.

The special thing is that tankers cannot go to remote forest area and the water sources in these areas dry up increasing problem for wildlife. To solve this, 12 borewell connected with windmills have been constructed in such inaccessible areas of Jambughoda forest area. With the help of these the water of the bore is easily filled into the kunds by the forest guards.

As part of the celebration of World Wildlife Day, the Department of Wildlife will hold dialogue meetings with villagers in the villages in all the three ranges to persuade them not to make the pet animals drink water from kinds made for wild animals and keep it safe for them.


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