Wife gives complaint against the engineer called himself incarnation of lord Vishnu


A engineer with Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency (SSPA) claims to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and calls himself the Kalki Avataar. A notice was also issued to him for remain absent from the office and the engineers answered and called himself the 10th incarnation of lord Vishnu and involved in world awareness. He also give excuse about not sitting in the office due to the work hr involved in.

Rameshchandra Fefar is working as Superintending engineer in Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency at Narmada Bhuvan in Vadodara and was absent from the office from 22nd September 2017. The commissioner issued a notice to him and also investigates at his residence at Rajkot where they found a lavish bungalow worth around 2.5cr. There is no temple and god idols inside and the bungalow is only used for lavish lifestyle. The truth came out when the superintending engineer don’t even recite a Shlok of Bhagwad Geeta perfectly.

In is to worth mention here that one year earlier his wife gives a complaint at Rajkot Mahila police station against him. The complaint states that he claims to be incarnation of lord Vishnu and called her a demon and threaten to kill. Based on the complaint the police even arrested him.

His wife Geetaben said in her complaint that she lives in Shardarnagar and in 1991 she got married to Rameshcahdra Fefar. They have one son from the marriage having his job in Delhi. She said in the complaint that her husband started behaving weirdly and involved in superstition and also forced her to believe the same.


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