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Why still are men preferred over women by the Indian companies?

Why still are men preferred over women by the Indian companies?

The Indian Companies do not actually hire women in large numbers as they do for men. There are several reasons put forward by the companies as to why they do not prefer hiring women over men. Few of them are:

  • Family commitments

Majority of the Indian women tend to take a break for their pregnancy period and other marital events of their life. This leaves in a lot of gap in their career. So, a company cannot actually consider a woman as a major resource if they want to get to invest major responsibilities on the woman. If she leaves the work mid-way, it becomes hard for the company to find another resource for the project. The word Indian Companies is used here, as this particular problem is much prevalent in India.

  • Are not actually ready for manual work

Though this particular stereotype is being broken by women workforce of few places in India, there are still a lot more out there who are not ready to get their hands soiled. Be it any field, the workforce is required to get into the field and work. This is one of another reason why the women workforce is not being considered by most of the companies.

  • Negligence to opt for a non-desk job

Women's health condition actually do not support for jobs that are non-desk based. One cannot expect only desk-based jobs to grow in their organization. This particular expectation does not let women explore all the horizons of a workplace. This has been an obstacle for their career ladder. This negligence has not paved way for them to reach top positions in an organization frequently.

  • Late night work schedule

Women also consider a lot of safety factors while they choose a job. They are not particularly okay with the job that demands them to stay in the office at late hours in the night. Due to the dangerous situations that prevail outside the walls of the office, the women are not ready to work in the weehours of the day.

Thus, one can derive to a fact that the Indian women are constantly subjected to the responsibilities of her family too. This leads to quick deterioration of her health and she is not able to perform great in spite of possessing multitasking capabilities. When people around women try to tune their lifestyle keeping the wishes of the woman in mind, she can do wonders and every company would be ready to hire her over a man anytime.

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