Today, you will see kids only going to tuition’s,and at their free time, they are besotted into the video games. Either they don’t get time for playing, else they don’t have a place for that. Earlier, there were playgrounds where you could see children playing at evening. But, nowadays, there are only multistoried buildings. As physical activities have become lesser important in students’ lives, they are facing certain problems. Believe it or not, physically, mentally and even, socially, kids have become quite vulnerable and weak.

If sports become compulsory at every school, that will help kids to grow well. Why should every school think about it? Here are the benefits of sports at school level-

  1. It Is Important for Their Better Health

A sports period means the time when students get physically active. Instead of spending time in front of TV or video game, if they play during the sports period, they can stay away from obesity. Regular playing will strengthen their bones, muscles, lungs,and heart. It also increases the immunity system for the kids. Along with that, through sports, they can learn how to handle stress and anxiety.

  1. Do Better in Academics

Often parents assume that kids won’t be attentive towards their study if they play regularly. But, when a kid is into sports, like soccer, badminton, or even run on skateboards, they become more attentive towards what they are doing. According to a study, these students try not to miss schools and do well in core subjects, like mathematics, chemistry, social sciences, arts,and language.

  1. Sports Improved Their Social Skill

Today, video games and social networking services have made kids a bit unsocial. While they are in a gathering, they get busy on playing games on parents’ phone. Admit him/her in a school where sports is compulsory. While playing in a team, h/she has to communicate, show respect to the team members and cooperate each other to win. Thus, h/she can learn the social skills which will be beneficial for their later life.

  1. Leadership Skill Is Improved

Leaders are born, not made. But, how do you know whether your kid has that skill or not? Once you see him/her managing her team on the ground, you will get to know that. And that is only possible if schools make it mandatory.

These are view reasons why every school should make sports period compulsory. Above of all, this is the time when kids can be as they are. They can enjoy the time,and that will help them to do better in the study.


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