Our health is an important concernof our body. A healthy body keeps diseases at bay and it lets us lead a happy and secure life. One of the noted days that are celebrated currently is the International Yoga Day. The world celebrates it on 21st June. It is a day when everyone is encouraged to practice a bit of Yoga so that they can start a new regime of being healthy. Yoga as an art is an old part of India and the whole world is currently amazed by its benefits.

Why did they choose 21st June as the date?

The Prime Minister of India, NarendraModi suggested the day in the UN Assembly. It was initially said that October 14th will be chosen but instead, 21st June was set as the International Yoga day. Modi wanted this day as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It is also the summer solstice which leads to Guru Purnima in India. The story goes that Shiva or Adiyogi who was the first yogi started imparting his knowledge to his disciples the seven stars on the day of Guru Purnima. The summer solstice gives rise to Dakshinayana which is a great time for pursuing spiritual practices.

Several notable Yogis also backed Modi on the proposal, especially Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who loved the idea of spreading yoga to everyone. The solstice is not only an important day in the Indian culture but other parts of the world as well.

Every year NarendraModi celebrates this day in all its glory and a theme is also present. The main aim of celebrating the day is to bring healthy, spiritual and mental awareness to everyone around the world. Yoga is an exercise that may render great help to everyone. Even in 2018 NarendraModi will celebrate it in the city of Dehradun. 175 nations support this cause and they are duly celebrating the day every year.

Yoga has been an integral part of the world and it is an art that is 5000 years old. Choosing the important date was essential to commemorate this ancient art. It is about the wellbeing and maintaining one’s health in the busy schedule of this work. Several international sites hold yoga classes and events on this day to retain the amazing art of Yoga. So, everyone should definitely get inspired by the initiative and try to do Yoga on the InternationalDay of Yoga 2018. They may find the postures all over the internet.