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Why each of us considers education the most important aspect of our lives?

Why each of us considers education the most important aspect of our lives?

The ideal educational system helps to develop a human personality as well as culture. It helps to develop our character as well as our mental and physical faculties. But our present system of education is such that it neither helps to develop human personality nor helps children to be self-sufficient when they grow up.

  • Overall development of the children:

Self-sufficiency and self-dependence should be the main quality of the educated persons. But our present system of education makes our students more dependent on the other. Lack of physical training, want of technical knowledge and lack of training for manual work are the main defects of the present system of education. These pitfalls should be avoided as early as possible.

  • Moral value-based life:

To inculcate the ideals of self-discipline and self-respect, the ideals of courage and hard work should be the main goals of the system of education. But our educational system is such that it hardly helps to cultivate these qualities of discipline, hard work and sincere efforts among our students. We should make moral and religious education compulsory for all children. Moral and religious education would also help develop the qualities of discipline and restraint among the people.

  • Inculcate Creativity:

The ideal system of thesystem of education should be such that it may bring out the inborn qualities of men and women. The ideal educational system should enable men to develop qualities of curiosity, thirst for knowledge and many such things but our system is such that a child hardly remains curious when he leaves the school. When the child is put in the school, he is curious and eager to learn. But when he leaves the school, he is no more so. Nor does he have any power of creativity or imagination left in him.

  • To grow as an individual:

Anyone should not be content with mere education and social service. He should develop his personality by taking part in various extracurricular activities. He should try to distinguish himself in sports, games, debate, public speaking and stage skills. Such a youth will be a model for every other student.

Thus, we all consider education important as it will help one to lead alife with contentment in life and with the ability to make others also happy in their lives.

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