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Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

Why do we celebrate Fathers Day?

We are often surrounded by the idea of Mother's day but it has an equal counterpart in father's day. Our fathers are important contributors to our life as well as they protect and care for us. So, we observe this day in several countries around the world to commemorate the love. In the US the holiday is generally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June but the date is different in other countries.

Origin of Father's day

  • March 19th is celebrated to honourfathers in Catholic Religion and it is celebrated as St. Joseph's Day. Several Latin Americans celebrate this date as their Father's Day. It's was a celebration of fatherhood and it started in the Middle Ages.

  • The first Father's day celebration in the USA was held in 1908 but it didn't gain much popularity. Again in 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd raised the holiday for her father but soon she got busy with life. Several Presidents like Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge tried to make it into a permanent holiday but often the Congress resisted. But finally in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson gave a proclamation of celebrating the day and President Nixon made it official after 6 years. The 3rd Sunday of June was selected as the official day of Father's Day.

So, Father's day is all about love and compassion for the person who stays strong for us. The tradition and date differ between people but the bond is quite same. In the USA children offer greeting cards and gift to their father to appreciate them for their work. They may also go to a restaurant or have a nice meal on the occasion. In Thailand, they celebrate the King's birthday as the Father's day and in Germany, the holiday takes a different way and they enjoy hiking. Other countries like India and Japan have also joined the bandwagon by taking the dates of the US holiday. They also choose to do something special for their father on a celebratory day.

Whatever be the date or style it is for the Father of the family. Fatherhood is an important part of a man's life and he also requires some admiration from the children and their partner. Miss Dodd started a revolution and it has continued ever since. Just like in mother's day celebration, the malls, retailers,and institutions are eager to celebrate Father's day. So, celebrate your Father and show him the extent of your love.

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