The 21st century has opened the doors to a wide range of development. The women of the first world countries came out of the clutches and started making a career for themselves in all the prominent fields. But, at the same time, there are more than a billion women in the other corner of the world who are still fighting for their basic rights. These countries comprise the Islamic nations, few countries in the Asian Continent and some parts of African continent. There are certain reasons as to why the women in these countries are neglected basic rights.

  • No change in mindset

The women those days were not allowed outside their households keeping the safety factor in mind. This was the case about a million years ago when people resided amidst wild animals. The women did not have much of strength as compared to men to fight against the animals. This was appreciable during those times but as the time progressed, this same action can never be entertained. This system is still followed as the people of those nations are not exposed to the rapid changes in the world due to the lack of access to good education.

  • Women are still in comparison to the fictional characters

The people in the third world nations seem to not have changed their perception of women. They constantly keep comparing the women in real life to the women they hear about in those fictional stories. They have totally lost the idea of looking at women just like normal human beings. When the women are unable to satisfy the demands that were infused into the mind of a man as he had developed certain unfulfillable desires, he started to look down upon her.

  • Gender Inequality

This is a very common term. Women are subjected to fulfill the sexual desires; this is what men had a conception of women. The media and other related sources can be attributed to this very fact. This is why the women are not even treated on any par equal to men. Men who are raised with this mentality never even have the attitude to treat them just like how they treat their fellow men.

Thus, some of the basic ideologies which are never worthy has created such a mess. The women are the scapegoat for all the pointless traditions followed overages. This is why women are neglected basic rights even in the 21st century.