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What to expect from education in the current scenario?

What to expect from education in the current scenario?

The current education scenario has to change a lot to meet the current demands from the job sector as well as certain expectations need to be fulfilledto make the nation more progressive. Our present system of education started after the establishment of the Universities. Our primary, secondary and higher secondary education prepares the children for the university education. Education, at all levels, in that way is closely linked and complementary. We should make all efforts to improve our system of education, starting from the primary education; leading to the higher education at the university level has many pitfalls. The drawbacks and faults are innumerable.

  • Employment driven education:

The situations in which the youth are placed deserve immediate attention. They face unemployment, underemployment and anxiety. They have to struggle for survival. The immensity of this problem can be gauged when we come to know that one inhabitant out of five falls into the15-24 age group.

  • Education that is creative:

The greatest pitfall of our education system is that many times it kills the spirit of curiosity and hard work from the people. It kills the ideals of originality and creativity. It reduces a curious and intelligent child to the mere level of a machine. Our educated young men and women turn out to be merely walking and talking machines without having any development of faculties of mind. If we want to make our education system meaningful, we should try to remove these drawbacks. No good educational system should turn men into machines.

  • Non-crowded learning zones:

Our classrooms both in schools and colleges are overcrowded; the textbooks are not up to date and relevant and the teacher-student ratio is disproportionate. All these have made our educational system meaningless and less effective.

  • Teaching materials and Teaching methodologies:

Our textbooks do not have high intellectual or moral standard. Most of them are full of mistakes and are faulty in many ways. All this leads to thevery incomplete type of education. Quality of our education is not satisfactory. If we want to improve our educational system, we must try to improve and reform the moral and intellectual level of teachers, professors,and educationists. Some of the pitfalls are the consequences of poverty and in turn also the causes of poverty. We should try to remove these defects with our united efforts.

Thus, these are some of the expectations from the education sector in the current scenario.

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