National Safety Day 2021

Indian movies, known for high-octane elements of, basically anything and everything. Apart from few filmmakers, Indian cinema is known for it is over the top nonsensical drama. Thankfully, some filmmakers have broken the norm where nobody really cared about
the cinema made here because everyone had a preconceived notion that it is all about love, dance, songs and protagonist getting the girl after defeating the villain.

There are a lot of reasons that pay hindrance to Indian movies to make it to the Oscars. Some might say it is false while the people in large will agree to it without fearing judgment for talking against it. Let us deduce few facts which if adapted maybe in the near future an Indian movie will feature in the Oscars.

  • Originality

We all know, by large, how Indian cinemalack in originality. So in order to garner a positive response from the World Cinema, it is required to have an original content for the movie to be Oscar worthy.

  • Storylines

It is one of the major aspects of cinema. Movies are the visual way of showcasing stories to the people. If one fails to have a great storyline and randomly jumps loops it is quite evident the movie is not going to fare well at the box office, leave alone for being considered for even local awards.

  • Selection

Better not to mention it but we all know the selection system of anything, movies, books, etc. that it is rigged. It is high time for the judges to make fair judgments and select movies, nominate them for respectable awards. The only system which works without a hint of doubt is the National Awards, apart from that, every other award seems so petty.

  • Focus

The focus of Indian cinema is hardly ever on the content. It is all about star power,Itis as if a star broke off from the constellations to fill the movie with all the good content it needs but actually lacks majorly it. That is obviously not the case, as nowadays, Indian cinema is all about star power. It always has been. It is high time to avoid that and concentrate more on the content.

  • Mindfulness

Well, it is a huge controversy when people debate on broadly minded movies and narrow-minded ones. Generally, movies are shunned if they speak the truth, many do not even see the light of the day and rots in the film room. One needs to be more accepting to watch and appreciate good content.

Hopefully, if these few things are kept in mind when making a movie, maybe, they will go for selections to the Oscars. One can just have an open mind to accept new ideas and logic. The world has evolved a lot, our minds need to do the same too.


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