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What should be done to bring down the levels of brain drain from India?

What should be done to bring down the levels of brain drain from India?

Brain drain sounds like a basic rhyme but it is slang for an important yet controversial subject that is quite prevalent these days. The term brain drain indicates the emigration of highly talented and highly educated individuals to countries other than their own. Usually, a brain drain results for various factual reasons. It is a result of turmoil within a nation, the existence of favorable professional and educational opportunities in foreign countries or the most significant reason being a desire to live a good standard life (higher standard of living).

Apart from these primary reasons, a brain drain occurs when a native country sends the individuals to another country to their counterpart and corresponding organizations. Usually, individuals choose to shift elsewhere in order to receive a bettereducation, better pay and upward mobility in the hierarchy of the business and academic life. These benefits are tempting that encourages various capable and worthy individuals to shift elsewhere to have a better lifestyle and work life in all sectors.

Question is, if every talented and brilliant individual are shifted elsewhere, or if they leave their native to work and live in a different country, how will their native prosper in the fields where it is necessary? If every individual aim to work and settle down elsewhere, how will their capabilities be implemented in their native country? We cannot blame them as they have good reasons to do so. It is the duty of any nation to provide better benefits at work and in the education sector to keep these individuals at home and put to good use their capabilities and brilliance.

Listed below are few measures that need to be taken to bring down the level of brain drain from India:

  • Better job opportunities

Business firms should offer better job opportunities to such individuals to accept instead of shifting base to a different country. If the native firms provide the benefits that the foreign firms offer, individuals, shall choose to stick to their home and not move abroad.

  • Better education opportunities

If the native universities of highly qualified individuals offer good educational forums, they will deem to study here. This way, highly qualified individuals will not move abroad for a better and advanced education.

  • Better opportunities in every sector

Better opportunities and fair means of mobility are required in every sector of life. If the native country of qualified individuals provide for the necessities that foreign countries are offering, individuals will not leave and settle elsewhere. Everyone deserves a good standard of living, if they get it at their native, foreign places are out of the question. This way the brain drain can be reduced by a good margin.

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