Gujarat is a state that has an area of about 1, 96, 024 sq. Km with a population of about 6.04 crores. The state has about 33 districts,and the capital is Gandhinagar.

Reasons to settle down in Gujarat:

The state is known to provide the day-to-day amenities that are needed for survival uninterrupted. In this modern world, some of the things are needed to sustain in this world are provided incessantly by Gujarat whereas it is still a distant dream for many other states.

  • 24*7 Interrupted Electricity Supply

This can be stated as one of the biggest achievements of Gujarat. There is no interruption in power supply,and this is a reason for many to beckon upon.

  • Dry State

Gujarat boasting the title of being a Dry State is a great situation to raise kids. The kids these days are falling prey to the menace created by alcohol. The banning of alcohol makes it a place for families to move in.

  • Safest for women

Many reports place Gujarat on top for being one of the safest places in India for women. The Dry state feature can be attributed to making Gujarat a haven for women safety.

  • Great Infrastructure facilities

The highly connected cities by the best road transport facilities, busiest airports, rail networks and sea routes make the city easily accessible. The green city cover, clean city campaigns, the idea of setting up of modern transport facilities like bullet trains to lessen the travel time are few of the initiatives taken by the government of Gujarat to make the cities of Gujarat world class ones.

  • Ample employment opportunities

The business-friendly nature of the state that opens doors to some of the best companies in the world to set up their operations here has generated a lot of employment opportunities. Not just the multinational companies that recruit the highly qualified candidates, there is small time trading firms that recruit people based on the skills they possess. Anyone with the passion and grit can move into the state and land in a job that complements a great style of living.

  • Three basic needs of life

The state is known to provide the best shelter, great tasting food at the cheapest possible prices; Gujarat being the largest dairy exporter, high-quality clothes that have been got down owing to the cotton industry that has made Surat a landmark; these are the mandate ones that are needed for survival and Gujarat provides it more than sufficient.

These can be stateda few of the many reasons why one should consider moving to Gujarat and making a life for themselves in this great place.


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