Ransomware virus attack creates a big panic all across the world and even India is not spared from this virus. Ransomware is a programme that gets into your computer either by downloading the wrong thing or clicking on the wrong link, and then it holds something you need to ransom. The massive cyber attack claimed victims in at least more than 150 countries and the experts are warning of the situation getting worse in coming days.

The ransomware virus attacked the systems all across the world and the IT experts are issuing the guidelines to prevent the virus entering in your system. The virus is as scary as it sounds and the hackers use the technique to lock the devices and demand ransom in return for access.

There is no pattern of Ransomware virus and can hack the system, server and device from different servers and different links. The virus can come to you through social networking sites and also attachment in the emails. The virus can also come with a link and when you click on the link the virus enters inside the system or computer and hacked it. The virus can come with JPEG, GIF, XLS, WORD formats also in the system.

The virus uses the file and folders of the system which the user use it frequently. It searches the frequently used and last modified files and then changes the format of the file. After that the user can’t search the file as the virus changes the format of the files and sometimes the virus make malware of the frequently used and last modified files so that when you open it the virus starts.

The experts suggests ways to avoid being the next Ransomware victim

  1. Avoid using Pendrive.
  2. Don’t check the unknown emails.
  3. Avoid the emails on new subjects coming from known persons.
  4. Don’t surf new websites.
  5. Update and back up the data everyday.
  6. Don’t trust on online backup.
  7. Don’t click the whatsapp posts which lure you.
  8. Don’t set the system net connection if not necessary for confidential data storage.
  9. Immediately detach the computer from other systems if the virus enters inside your computer.
  10. Always use the trusted virus control software and always make it on.

The Ransomware is spreading so rapidly all across the world and hacked confidential data from the systems all across. The cyber experts are trying to discrypt the data which was encypted by the virus.




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