Vedix, India’s first customized Ayurvedic beauty regime offers personalized hair care products to fix all the hair related problems by designing the product that is just meant for you and your hair.

Popular television star and a mother Sanjeeda Sheikh who was struggling with severe hair fall has finally managed to arrest the problem with Vedix personalized hair care regime. All she had to do was answer a few questions that helped Ayurvedic doctors at Vedix design a formulation which was specific to her prakruti.

A television star who has played different roles and characters on and off screen, Sanjeeda uses harsh chemical products, tongs and hair color to make her director’s vision a reality. Sanjeeda Sheikh shares, “I am extremely fortunate to pursue my passion for acting. Playing different looks excites me and audience adulation is the cherry on the cake. But the only drawback is that to look good I am compelled to use all sorts of products on my hair. The result is that my hair became dull and brittle. I tried everything under the sun, but the hair fall problem worsen with each passing month.”

In Vedix, Sanjeeda found her solution as it offers holistic remedy to fix hair fall problems. The brand is guided by Ayurveda’s principles of ‘dosha’ and one has to answer a set of questions which analyses the doshas in the body basis which a hyper-personal customized solution is designed to address hair related problems.

Vedix offers 100% Ayurvedic products made using no harmful chemicals. Its use of Ayurvedic herbs such as Bhringaraja, Brahmi, Amlaki, Yashtimadhu, Datura and many others play an important role in arresting hair fall & dandruff and promoting healthy hair growth.

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix, says, “Our everyday life is increasingly becoming stressful. Celebrity or not, hair are the first thing which shows sign of stress our bodies go through. At Vedix, we believe that Ayurveda if used in the correct proportion can solve all the hair and wellness related problems. We are happy to see our customers endorsing the brand so strongly and actively recommending it to their peers.”

Vedix offers a subscription based service to its customers who are looking to address their hair problems.


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