National Safety Day 2021

There is a talk in the town after senior Congress leader and Supreme Court lawyer Kapil Sibbal and Paas leaders arrived in the same flight at Vadodara. After the 24 hours ultimatum given by the Paas leaders this arrival raised many questions about their possible meeting in the city. However Kapil Sibbal denied of such interaction but Paas leaders are hopeful for happy ending to the misunderstanding.

Kapil Sibbal arrives in Vadodara for a interaction with lawyers and intellectuals. On his arrival at Vadodara airport he denies any such talks plan here with the Paas leaders as they both arrived in the same flight. However the Paas leaders are confident to resolve the matter and hopes for a happy ending in the matter.“There is nothing planned in Vadodara and it’s a coincidence that we both are in same flight. Whatever happens is due to the miscommunication and we hope to resolve it before the 24 hours ultimatum. We discuss the situation with Hardik Patel and give our decision. We hope for a happy ending to all the questions before the ultimatum,” said Lalit Vasoya Paas leader.


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