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Waterproof tattoos latest craze in this year Navratri

Waterproof tattoos latest craze in this year Navratri

Youths prefer various theme based temporary tattoos

The eagerly awaiting Navratri festival is few hours away and Garba enthusiasts have already complete their preparations to enjoy the nine nights of festival. Like every year the tattoo craze is at it's peak as girls are ready to flaunt the themes among the crowd. As the rains are still hovering around, waterproof tattoos are the latest craze this year.

Tattoos are now becoming a important part of our lives as it shows the person inside and also gives a glimpse of our personality to others. During Navratri girls as well as boys design tattoos on their bodies as per their favorite themes and eagerly waiting to flaunt it on the garba grounds. This year waterproof tattoos are in great demand as rains still hovering over the festival.

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"This year waterproof tattoos are latest craze among the youth and asked to design on their preferred themes. Girls prefer small and cute designs on the theme of Navratri, while the boys prefer arm band and tribal ones. All the designs are temporary and starting from one day to ten days based on the requirements," said Mrunal Brahmbhatt Tattoo artist.

The waterproof ink is readymade and the artists ordered them online from the supplier. As the rains denies to stay away the artists find this way to help the dancers flaunt their tattoos in between the crowd. The rate also differentiates from single day to ten days tattoos. This year the patriotic themes is also in demand among the groups. Mrunal said till date he made more than 200 tattoos based on Navratri theme.

The girls also said that they enjoyed to be get inked as it helps them to look different during the festival. Although it is temporary but the waterproof coating makes them tension free and enjoy the festival.

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