On the second day of the Switch International Expo the visitors, guests and other people faced water scarcity specially inside the toilets which was built at nearly around many lakhs of rupees.


If not more the still water inside the exhibition at places posed the danger of mosquitoes inside. The water was not sucking out at places like small makeshift gardens, near the generator sets, toilets after the rains lashed the ground a day before the start of the expo.


On Friday morning the expo started with conference and lectures of many dignitaries and it was obvious that the rush of people would be more. The toilet area for ladies, gents and Viklang were placed near the conference hall no 5 inside the venue.


However in the morning the people inside the toilet are irritate after they found that there is no water inside even to wash the hands. Many people were complaining about the scarcity of water inside the toilet even at the peak time of the expo.


After the complaint of water scarcity the organizers said that due to the thunderstorm and now we are arranging new water and septic tanks for the toilets. “We are arranging the water, septic and suction tanks attached to every toilet to get solution of the problem, said Amit Patel President FGI.


The still water at different places inside the expo also posed a health hazard as it is the breeding place for the dengue mosquitoes. As the Vadodara city is facing the problem of increasing dengue patients recently such a thing inside a international expo is a warning signal.