VMC officials take more samples of all tanks for testing

The public health laboratory of VMC mentioned the water of four storage and distribution tanks are not suitable for drinking. The report states the water of Bapod, Kapurai, Nalanda and Tarsali tanks are not suitable. Based on that the VMC once again take the samples for testing on Saturday morning.

After cleaning the No. 3 treatment plant at Nimeta the corporation fails to distribute clean drinking water to the people of east and south areas of the city. The team took samples of Bapod, Kapurai, Nalanda and Tarsali tanks after the cleaning for testing. All the samples failed in the lab testing and the report suggests water is not suitable of drinking.

Corporation health officer Mahesh Patel said as per rules 5% less Turbidity in water is suitable for drinking. However the level was found to be high in the lab testing of water in four tanks. 6.2% was found in Bapod, 6.3% in Kapurai, 7.8% in Nalanda and 7.5 in Tarsali tanks. The official once again collected the samples of all the 10 tanks and send it for  testing at Public Health Laboratory.

He further said as per the order by Municipal Commissioner every day the samples will be collected from the tanks till the residents get pure drinking water. The samples will be checked for chlorine, TDS and Turbidity daily and send the report to the commissioner everyday. All the holidays are also cancelled by the commissioner in view of the situation.

It is to be mentioned that for the last five months the people of East and South areas are forced to purchase water from outside as the corporation fails to solve the polluted water problem. Many of them are in grip of diseases and taking treatment in the hospitals.


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