Heavy rains in the catchment area forced the authorities to open the 62 gates of Ajwa lake to release the water and maintain the level inside. The danger level of the lake is 214foot and above and to avoid the flooding like situation the level should be maintained.

For the last 24 hours Vadodara city and district receives heavy rain fall specially district received heavy rainfall. Due to heavy rains in the catchment area Ajwa lake in Vadodara also receives heavy inflow of water. To maintain the level to reach danger mark the authorities on Tuesday opened the gates of the lake and release water.AjwaHowever the Vishwamitri river is flowing normally and the Ajwa lake is alos under control and flowing at 211.45 foot. However 13 villages on the banks are alerted due to heavy inflow of water in Dhadhar river. The met department issues warning of heavy rains in next 24 hours.


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