On 27th August officials said that water has started receding in flood-hit Allahabad city.

According to the sources more than 400 people have fallen ill in the flood relief camps, many houses where under water due to the floods which have been turned into swamps with mud inside their homes & operations would soon be undertaken to clear up houses and roads.

Both the rivers were still flowing over the danger mark in Allahabad .In the last 24-hours, the river Ganga receded by about 40 cm while Yamuna’s water levels decreased by about 30 cm.

unnamed (4)In Varanasi,  water from the Ganga has entered in a large part of the city, with people waiting for more relief material like food and water. Due to flooding of the roads and highways, many places are still not motorable. The Allahabad-Mirzapur highway continues to be flooded.

Divisional Commissioner of Varanasi Ramesh Gokarna said 500  food packets were air dropped in Revtipur area of Ghazipur on Friday and many more would be dropped on Saturday.