Watch the dance and drama in ‘Sweety Tera Drama’


The first song ‘Sweety Tera Drama’ from the film ‘Bareli ki Barfi’ released and it already making waves and forced everyone to dance on its tune. The trailer touched everyone hunger and now all are waiting for more. With the release of the trailer we became face to face with daring and naughty ‘Bitty’, adorable ‘Chirag’ and clean and horrified ‘Pritam’ from the film. The audience are now more eager after the release of the first song.

‘Sweety Tera Drama’ is a song which makes you dance uncontrollably. The song features Kruti Shanon, Rajkumar Rao and Ayushman Khurana matching steps in the fast pace number.

The song shows the local flavour and filmed in the marriage backdrop which forced you to dance to the tunes. The trio busy in their drama in the song ‘Sweety Tera Drama’ and it shows the piece of local celebration of India.

Kruti Shanon, Rajkumar Rao and Ayushman Khurrana burn the screen with their dance. The words and the music is such that it makes its place inside your hearts and make you dance and sing altogether.

“Bitty’ played by Kruti is dancing like a bold girl as no one is watching her. Ayushman is busy in his happy go lucky dance and watching Rajkumar dance in the song is equally interesting. The magic of the trio in the song is very fascinating. The songs showcase the side of ‘Bitty’ the character which is not from the small town girl, shy and hesitate to take part in the programmes.

The song will definitely make its place in the favourite track list of the people. Written by Shabbir Ahmed the song is composed by Tanishq Bagchi and sung by Dev Negi and Pavni Pandey.

The film will feature a unique love triangle where Bitty is searching for her groom and both the males are competing with each other for their love towards Kruti. The film based on a small town of Bareli and is looking fresh and pleasing.

The film is produced by BR Studios of Abhay Chopra and Juno Chopra along with Junglee Pictures and directed by Ashwin Aiyer Tiwari and releasing on 18th August 2017.



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