In order to strengthen the safety of women and children in Vadodara city and to help senior citizens, this quick response SHE TEAM has been formed with utmost sensitivity by the Vadodara City Police.

On the instructions of Vadodara Commissioner of Police Dr. Samsher Singh and She team in-charge Assistant Commissioner of Police Megha Tewar, the team make sure to make women feel safe in public places as well as to prevent crimes like teasing and sexual harassment. To ensure the safety of women, the team came into existence on from 17/01/2021 with a quick response to help women, understanding of good touch bad touch to children and senior citizens.

During their duty in the month of February 2021, members of the She-Team of Warasia police station, WLR Deepika Mafatlal and WLR Nirali Prabhatbhai was on patrol in the area and came to know about a senior citizen Bhimji Bhavanbhai Parmar. They visited and came to know that he is living a solitary life while staying in Vijaynagar and there is no one to take care of him. He often find it difficult to get food. After get the details Premprakash Ashram in Warasia extend help to provide him free food for lifetime.

For this excellent work, both members of Warasia police station She team have been encouraged by the Commissioner of Police and awarded a certificate of Cop of the Month for their work during the month of February.


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