Warasia Police detect Hit and Run Case within hours through PocketCop Mobile App


Vadodara Warasia police detect and resolved a hit and run case with the help of Pocketcop Mobile application. The team feed the bike registration number in the app and managed to trace the accused and arrest him.

Instructions were given by Vadodara police commissioner and other top officials about the incidents like bike theft, burglary and hit and run cases (accidents) in Vadodara city can be detected by pocket cop mobile application.

Based on that Warasia police inspector K.N. Lathiya investigate the case about hit and run case registered on 27th August 2020. As per the case the victim Madhuben Kanubhai Machi was returning back home from the temple when she was knocked by a unknown bike rider. She received head injuries and the bike rider fled from the spot.

The surveillance squad reached the spot and during interrogation they found the registration number of the bike. They then feed the number in the Pocketcop mobile application and get the name and details of the person.

Hence with the application the team managed to caught the hit and run accused Dhaval Kashiram Bharvad and solve the case in quick time.


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