Director Siddharth Anand’s adrenaline pumping actioner is the big October 2 release which is eyeing an extended weekend and why not, when you have Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff together packing some hard punches and flying high kicks.

Abbas Tyrewala’s heavy-duty dialogues with thumping background score by Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara manage to reek attention but only at times.

There’s plenty of high-octane action to keep you be seated on your chairs and in-between the story moves forward. Hrithik plays Kabir Luthra, an Indian soldier who is the best in his business and won’t hesitate even a bit while killing an enemy for the nation’s pride.

Tiger Shroff, who plays Khalid Rahmani, Kabir’s student, who comes with a baggage of a spoiled father. So his past haunts him and to prove his worthiness, Khalid twists arms, kills terrorists and tries hard to please ‘sir’ Kabir.

What’s new this time is Hrithik vs Tiger face-off and it is this aspect which the filmmaker has glorified to the best of his abilities. There’s style, aplomb and guns, keeping the boys busy.

Tiger Shroff is the new-age action hero and to see him opposite Hrithik is certainly an eye catching moments for the viewers.

Action director Andy R Armstrong from Hollywood and South Korea’s Mr Oh have choreographed action chase brilliantly, giving new high to Indian fans.

Vaani Kapoor plays Naina, who has very little screen space to prove her acting mettle.

The screenplay keeps playing with the viewer’s mind with too many flashbacks and juggling between time zones. There is too much action in the film to be handled by the viewers but If you are a Hrithik, Tiger fan and want to enjoy an action-packed spectacle of two good-looking men bruised and bleeding with guns and bullets giving them company, then ‘War’ is for you.


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