Wanted criminal Aslam Bodia arrested by Vadodara crime branch


Wanted notorious criminal Aslam Bodia was arrested by Vadodara crime branch after chased him in bollywood style. Aslam drove nearly 100 kilometers to avoid arrest but was later caught by the police team. He was wanted for serious offenses like ransom and fraud.

P.I. of Crime Branch J.J.  Patel said, police commissioner R.B. Brahmbhatt gave instructions to arrest wanted accused in various crimes. During this time the Crime Branch received a information about Aslam alias Bodio Haidermiyaan Sheikh (Res. Navapura Mehboob Pura, Vadodara), who is wanted and has a criminal history in 3 serious offenses including ransom and fraud, is coming to Golden Chowkdi on National Highway.

On the basis of this information, Laxmikant, Harshad Kumar, Zainul Abedin, Hardipsinh, Nitin, Harshpalsinh, Hitendrasinh, Jayendrasinh, Pratipalsinh of the Crime Branch team kept a watch near the spot.

He further said that the Crime Branch team was on watch near the Golden Chowkdi. Meanwhile, Aslam Bodio, who arrived in a car, saw the police and fled towards Halol. The police chased him in a filmy manner. Aslam Bodio fled towards Jarod-Savli Road from near Jarod, but was trapped as the railway gate was closed near Samlaya. He returned and from there tried to flee towards Umeta. However, due to a police blockade, he jumped his car over a divider and fled back to Vadodara and was approaching the Golden Cross.

Aslam then got out of the car and tried to flee when he saw police standing in a watch near the Golden Chowkdi and was apprehended by the Crime Branch team.

P.I. J.J. Patel further said that Aslam Bodia has been booked in about 60 offences including murder, attempted murder, assault, ransom, fraud, intimidation at various police stations in the city. He was wanted in three cases and was on run to avoid police arrest.

 But based on the perfect tip he was arrested by police from near Golden Chowkdi on National Highway. So far he has gone to Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Porbandar, Bhuj Jails for 9 times under PASA.


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